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Consulting and Design


Our goal is to become the ideal partner for the realization of your dreams. The wishes of customers for us are not only a duty, but a goal to be achieved.

We show commitment to each building as if we were to build for ourselves. Allowing mankind to live and develop in harmony with the land.

Humanity has all the capabilities to develop technological solutions that achieve this goal.

Our task is to navigate towards sustainability and create a new world for future generations.

Giuseppe Caramia

CEO, Cading Srl

Technical consultancy

CADING srl is made up of engineers and technicians with a long experience in civil and industrial field. For this we are willing to face any challenge, even the most difficult, that we offer customers.

Design service

The technical study of CADING deals with the design of systems and structures from the preliminary tothe execution phase. Taking care of all stages with technical and legal rigor.


The strength of CADING is the ability to implement the ideas. The presence of a skilled technical department allows us to realize what customers want by following each phase from the preliminary to the turnkey delivery.

3D Printing

3D printing is an additive technique with objects that are progressively made layer by layer. The object to be printed is designed with a CAD software or three-dimensional modeling and exported …








3D Printing


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